DCT & Associates, Inc.
Just Right
“Thanks for always being quick to help out on these crazy requests. You don’t realize how appreciated you are, and how highly people talk about you 2 in meetings when your names come up.”
— Marketing Services Manager
“Thank you for your quick follow up on the Target RED program and for the great job you did in a short amount of time. Wanted to let you know that it was extremely well received at our meeting in Chicago.”
— Sales Manager
“11:30 p.m. send time…that's really going above and beyond…thank you very very much”
— Packaging Manager
“I want to thank you and your team for the great work that you have provided to the Initiative. Your agency's efforts in developing and executing multi-brand and multifaceted consumer and customer specific programs have contributed significantly to this strategic platform.”
— Marketing Manager
“Thank you very much for the Wal-Mart ad artwork. It is exactly what we needed and a great turn-around!”
— Senior Account Manager
“Thanks and great job on this fully integrated program.”
— Sales Manager
“Thanks to everyone for pulling this request off in such short notice. You guys certainly came through in further building this initiative within Walgreen's and I know they greatly appreciate our efforts.”
— Sales Manager
“Dave, we all know your team deserves as much of the credit as the team here! Thanks for jumping through all those hoops.”
— Marketing Manager
“I want to thank you and your team for the excellent event that we had yesterday at the Town Hall Theater in Broadway. All the details and the organization of the event were great. Great placement of our Hershey’s brands around the theater. Flawless execution time wise and according the script.”
— Marketing Manager
“Thanks so much for being on the ball… this is exactly why… I wanted to use my own team to fulfill party packs. There’s no way that their previous preferred partner would have caught this.”
— Brand Manager
“Thanks for your turnaround…like a clutch hitter with a man in scoring position. Appreciate your help.”
— Account Manager
“Everyone loves the brochure! Outstanding work by you & your team, especially with all the changes & feedback over the past 2 weeks. I appreciate your professionalism & look forward to working together again in the future!”
— Marketing Manager